Project Le'Tailer

2005 Subaru Legacy


 Dull looking paint before any paint correction.

Lots of swirls under direct sun light.

Dirty exhaust tip with carbon built up.

Before paint correction

After paint correction 



After 1 stage polish 

After layering a coat of synthetic sealant and topping it up with a coat of carnauba wax on the vehicle.

2002 WRX 


Before paint correction


Left = untreated ; Right = after 1 stage polish


After a 1 stage polish to correct approximately 70% of paint imperfection and it is a significant improvement on the vehicle's appearance already.

Mitsubishi Lancer OZ rally edition



Heavily oxidized paint before any paint correction

rim was caked with brake dust

Left = untreated ; Right = 1 stage paint correction


After 1 stage polish

OZ rally rims are cleaned and protected with sealant.

2012 WRX STI


Foam cannon in the beginning to remove loose dirt.

Before 1 stage polish

After 1 stage polish

Before 1 stage polish

After 1 stage polish

At the Vancouver Import Festival Show. *With the approval from original photographer, credit from MG Review.