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Project Le'Tailer Show Car Detailing

Looking for Mobile Auto Detailing in Fort McMurray , Alberta  ?  Project Le'Tailer  is your solution.


We are a family operated mobile detailing company that is proud to serve Lower Mainland.  We have developed a customer base not through advertising but a  work ethic and customers' referrals. Using only the finest materials, chemicals, and tools, we perform the art of detailing with a finesse that is rarely matched. We take pride in all five points of the mobile car detailing industry: Cleaning, Washing, Polishing, Protecting, and Maintaining.  

We constantly invest in better equipment and materials in order to bring you the best service with a reasonable price.  Auto detailing is not just a car wash but an art performing from the selection of car wash shampoo to the usage of quality wax until the final touch of shining up the tires.

We are the detailers who care about the appearance of your vehicles as much as you do.



LEE THE DETAILER 為一所自家經營汽車專業美容的業務, 主要為客人的汽車提供一站式及完善的清潔及美容服務.

我們以"PPC"--Professional, Passion & Convenience為服務理念為骨幹, 確保服務質素令客戶稱心滿意。

熱誠(P)我們本著對汽車的熱誠, 把每輛汽車都能依客戶
              需求做到盡善盡美, 稱心可靠。


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