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2016 - Presenting partnership with Autogeek.net

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Lee the Detailer is proudly presenting the partnership with the largest online auto detailing store in US - Autogeek.net from Palm Beach area.

Autogeek.net offers a vast selection of car care products, auto detailing supplies and automotive accessories. Some of our most popular items are complete car care kits, buffers and buffer kits, custom fit car covers.

Everytime that you click through my sponsor site @ leethedetailer.webs.com  to Autogeek.net (below banner)  , you will be able to save points toward your detailing service with Lee the Detailer when you purchase detialing products from Autogeek.net.

*You will receive 2% (points) of every dollar you spend on Autogeek.net and use the points toward any of the Lee The Detailer detailing packages.

Advantages of Ceramic Coating

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Ever wonder what Ceramic Coat can do to protect your paint ? We are doing this to show you what Ceramic Coat is capable of .....

In this example, we have applied a small amount of Cquartz to this microfibre cloth and look at how much water is repelled by the coating.

The same theory applies to your vehicle as dirt will just be washed away easily during any maintenance wash.

Make an appointment with us to install Ceramic Coat onto your vehicle. Your life will be a lot easier in terms of washing your vehicle.

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Thank you to all of my friends and clients.

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Hi all,

Big thank you to all my friends and clients for all of your support. LeTailer would not be able to make this far without all of your support !



Please stay tuned for more upcoming promotion with Lee the Detailer !



Winter protection

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Hey all , this is Lee the Detailer. First of all , thank you for visiting my page and I hope you will enjoy browsing though my pages & different pictures of vehicles detailing.

Since winter is approaching, I would like to take this opportunity to remind all of you to get your vehicles ready for the harsh winter. Since the salt on the road can do damage to your vehicles' paint, you should have the paint protected with a good coat of wax which will last you through the season.

For the past years, I have been using Collinite 845 / 476 because it is easy to use and is durable in harsh winter. This wax will give you a nice glossy / reflective surface after applying to your paint.

What's more? Make sure to clean your wheel well periodically as salt and dirt can built up at those area and therefore may create rust at the panel if left unattended.

As always, I recommend to use two buckets methods and use two wash mitts for your vehicle. One mitt is for the top and another mitt is for the bottom half of your vehicle. Moreover , the two buckets method can greatly reduce the chance of scratching /damaging your paint during regular wash because the first bucket of water will be used to clean / rinse the dirty wash mitts after you clean your vehicle. Therefore, most of the dirt will be rinsed and sunk to the bottom of the first wash bucket. After that, you can dip your wash mitts into the second wash bucket which has the car wash solution and carry on with your wash.

If you are too busy with your schedule or just not sure how to do it properly , you are always welcome to make an appointment with Lee the Detailer and we will clean up your vehicle professionally. Lee the Detailer provides mobile on site service ranging from vehicle washing to paint correction. So that you can carry on with your daily business while we are cleaning your vehicles professionally.

Remember " Don't settle for washing ; Ask for Detailing !"




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